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Punching Pandas Plush 10 inches

by Punching Pandas
  • Item No: B07ND6569H

Do hooman have problem in life? Do hooman feel tired and need more success? Well, guess what panda have for hooman. Introducing new panda plushie. Panda plushie will fix all hooman problems. Panda plushie will make hooman very successful and handsome. If hooman want to be successful and handsome, hooman should pick up panda from panda shop today or else. Panda plushie stands 10" tall, wears PU leather boxing gloves, and is very, very handsome. Fulfill hooman potential today.

  • Official Punching Pandas plushie
  • Panda plushie wears gloves made from PU leather made from PU cows
  • Plushie stands upright when not napping
  • The most handsomest panda plush in the world
  • Panda plushie doubles as round pillow or irregular shaped ball

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